Top 10 Facts About Brain which might you never heard

Top 10 Facts About Brain which might you never heard : Did you know that your brain can work wonders it not only controls all of your body processes but it also helps you make even your wildest dreams come true you can improve your life by simply changing your thoughts to understand how it works watch 

These 10 surprising facts about human brain that prove you can achieve anything.

10. your brain doesn't realize the difference between reality and imagination sounds intriguing doesn't it your brain can't tell fact from fantasy because it reacts to each of your thoughts that's why people who look at the world through rose-tinted glasses feel happier they think our planet is a great place to live and their brain makes them believe in it no matter what circumstances surround them this also explains why people get addicted to video games or feel scared after watching a horror movie and yeah that's why your body accepts placebos as real medicine.

9. mental work doesn't tire your brain you normally feel tired mainly because of your emotions the composition of blood flowing through your brain during its active work remains unchanged although blood from the veins of a person who has worked all day changes considerably.

8. most of the time your brain works automatically more than half of your presence offs are thoughts from yesterday most of the time you scroll past the same worries plans and phrases as you did a week ago that's why it's so difficult for pessimists to change their worldview they need to literally clean their brains to be able to react to positive things more often

7. you see what you are thinking about all of your thoughts turn into life experiences for example if you dream about a trip to Paris you'll see reminders of this city everywhere French music in a cafe the smell of fresh-baked croissants a new French movie your brain will pay attention to all of these small signs want to change the world around you change your thinking.

6. your brain needs training the brain is no different from muscles it also needs training learning fresh air workouts healthy eating sound sleep traveling taking notes and dancing are all beneficial for your brain according to scientists of the University of Pennsylvania learning a foreign language is the best kind of training when you study a new language the structure of your brain changes this method works regardless of gender and age therefore learning a new language might help older people strengthen their brains.

5. your brain never rests we spend about a third of our lives asleep but even when you sleep your brain continues to work hard according to studies its activity during sleep is even higher than during the day your brain records everything you see and when you sleep it builds logical chains for each of your own self problem hence the phrase the night brings counsel got a problem take a nap.

4. Shutting down is vital from time to time we need to shut ourselves down to give a break to our immune system otherwise thousands of negative thoughts and worries will absorb us drop everything close your laptop and let your brain restart however lying down on a couch surrounded by snacks isn't a great idea active rest is the most useful kind of relaxation for your brain take a walk write a bicycle or play frisbee at least turn on some good music and dance like no one's watching.

3. forgetting something you make your nervous system flexible to save new memories your brain needs to get rid of old ones it would be nice if we were able to decide what to remember and what to forget here is a solution use the information that you want to preserve more often.

2. your brain doesn't feel pain your brain reacts to pain but it doesn't feel it itself because of the lack of necessary receptors however this fact doesn't apply the blood vessels nerve and tissues that surround your brain.

1. you can change your brain doesn't this sound incredible any kind of activity makes your brain generate new neural connections if you think you are not able to get a promotion this idea will be locked into your consciousness but if you keep saying I will succeed I can do it your brain will give you an opportunity to realize your goals in other words you can achieve absolutely anything nothing is impossible for your brain the main thing is to believe.

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