1 fact : One of the strangest military conflicts was the war for Jenkins ear. The conflict between Britain and Spain broke out in 1739 after the captain of the British merchant ship Robert Jenkins said that Spanish customs officers cut off his ear. It would be funny if this war had not lasted 9 years.

2 fact : the Anglo-Zanzibar war is known as the shortest war in the world. It lasted only 38 minutes. Losses from Zanzibar amounted to 500 people, from Britain - 1.

3 fact : During the Second World War, British officer Jack Churchill preferred to fight the Nazis with a bow, arrow and sword. He also often took bagpipes with him in attacks. Subordinates called the daredevil Mad Jack.

4 fact : During the First World War, Sergeant Stubby became famous - the only dog ​​in the world that officially received a military rank for military merit.

5 fact : Military aircraft manufacturers use a special device to test the consequences of a plane collision with birds. This device is called a chicken cannon. It has been in service since 1950.

6 fact : In 1942, the famous designer Oleg Antonov proposed to support the partisans A-40, "winged tank." But the project had too many shortcomings, and now exists in a single copy.

7 fact : The British Hubbuck project called for the creation of warships from picrite - a mixture of ice with sawdust. Such a ship would be unsinkable, since a whole city of bombs and torpedoes could not break a large iceberg into pieces.

8th fact : One of the alleged reasons for the invincibility of the Mongols during the time of Genghis Khan is that they never washed and rubbed their bodies with fat, so such a stench emanated from their thousands of troops that their enemies could not stand it and rushed away.

Fact 9 : There is a unit in the US Navy called the 3rd Dental Battalion. It is responsible for the condition of the teeth of all US Marines stationed at the base in Okinawa. The division has 77 military dentists, 4 military doctors, 181 military dental technicians and 26 civilian personnel.

10 fact : In ancient Thebes, there was a unit called Theban Sacred Squad. It consisted of 150 homosexual couples. According to the theory of the creator of the unit, men who are not indifferent to each other will fight to the end, and will not run away from the battlefield, leaving their comrades. However, the squad was completely defeated by the young Alexander of Macedon in 338 BC.

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