Some believe that a person uses his potential capabilities by no more than 10%. Moreover, this applies both to the brain and to the body.

About 40 people now demonstrate the ability to hold heavy objects on their forehead, chest, and other vertical parts of the body. However, all of them are suspected of quackery.

Hypnologist Wool, a physician, demonstrated the power of suggestion from a distance. He sent a letter in the mail in which the word “Sleep!” Was written in his handwriting. If the patient had previously been to see Wool, then such a note fell into his hands as soon as he fell into a deep sleep.

Frenchman Michel Lotito, nicknamed "Monsieur Eat Everything" really eats everything. At 9, he ate a TV, and from 16 began to entertain people for money by eating metal, glass and rubber. Lotito got into the Guinness Book of Records for eating the Cessna-150 plane.

Biologist Kevin Richardson can spend the night in a cage with lions. For unknown reasons, the lions accept him of their own.

Vietnamese Tai Ngok has not been sleeping at all since 1973, from the very moment he fell ill with a fever.

An autist from the United Kingdom, Daniel Tammet, hardly speaks, does not distinguish between left and right, does not know how to insert a plug into an outlet, but he easily carries out complex mathematical calculations in his mind. Daniel knows by heart the 22514 digits following the decimal point in the number pi, and understands eleven languages, including Welsh, Esperanto and Icelandic, which he learned in 7 days.

Jodi Ostroyt is able to notice details that cannot be seen with the naked eye. For example, the internal structure of a plant leaf, which can only be seen with an electron microscope.

Ben Underwood was blind due to illness, but thanks to his super-hearing, he is able to distinguish even very quiet sounds emanating from any object. In principle, Ben can be called a human dolphin, since it is dolphins who use biological sonar to orient themselves in space.

Peter Terren can run wild stress through himself. In the position of the thinker, wrapped in foil, he remains alive and well after being struck by a voltage of 500 kilovolts.

Imaginary death was demonstrated in 1950 by the yogi Babashri Ramdaji Jirnari. He climbed into a chamber studded with nails, after which the cell was poured with cement and filled with water. A day later, a Babashri Yogi was removed from it, torn it and he came to life.

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