Top 5 tips to write a Great post for Guest Blogging

As most of the people in the blogosphere knows that guest blogging is one of the crucial procedure to create a good number of backlinks as well as to attract new visitors or readers.

Now the main problem which arises at this stage is the selection of topic for guest blogging that what to write for other blogs, as we know that writing for own blog is easy but writing for other blogs is one of the toughest job in the blogosphere. The main reason is that you will need to take care of the rules and regulation and user demand of that blog reader.

Now the issue which came up is the picking of the best post to flow other blog visitor to your blog, also to get or earn a good do-follow backlink in return and domain Authority. For the purpose to resolve the problem you will need to adopt some strategy which we are sharing in the post below which will help you in the selection of topics.

The method which we are sharing below are not only good for a guest blogging but also for writing articles on your own weblog.

Pick a Topic from Popular Post

One of the finest and easiest method of most of the bloggers including me.

If a weblog has a category with the name of the most popular post and you found a post of your interest or niche. Just click on that and check what is written there by the owner which make that one of the popular post. Check the post title as well as the content thoroughly, note the important point and do a related research with that post on Google. You will find some really good stuff, just give a read and set to write for a new article.

Pick a Topic from more comment post

This step is linked back to the first one but not necessarily, you will need a little bit research for finding any post but the post finding with this method will give you and your post a great exposure. The reason is that people only comment on the post which they like more and what’s happening here is that you are picking that topic and again rewriting with some new obviously visitors would like it.

Just a little attention would require, while scanning or examine a post. You will have to study the comment deeply to check that either visitor are criticizing the past are giving positive feedback to blog owner.

Use “Strip the blog” tool

Some genius people have created this tool called “Strip the Blog”.

A useful tool that help in the finding of the top popular post of any blog which goes viral based on social shares (soon they will add comments too). With this method you will come to know which type of contents visitor like more. The procedure is highly recommended after popular post idea.

Copy other people contents

One of the approaches designed by me when I felt myself blank or out of idea. One of the best strategy for writing articles.

It goes like this:

Go to a blog and pick the post about which you have some knowledge.

Note the key point to yourself.

Go to Google and search for the post with main keyword taking from the above post.

Give a read to all 2-3 posts which you have open after searching and not the main point of those posts too.

Now open word file, summarize your full topic and sit down for writing a new, clean and unique post.

Use article spinner

This is like the portable edition of tip 4. No dear fellows I am not suggesting you to use article spinner and spin the full articles. This means that copy the article and spin it through a software or with your own mind to get unique ideas. Like here I am sharing an example of a tile

E.g. What is stumble upon and how to use it?

Now just think and if you are little better, you will get some cool title related to the above one like

How to use stumble upon to increase blog traffic.

Step by step guide to stumble upon for boosting blog traffic.

What is stumble upon and how to get traffic from it?

And so on until you have got a topic of our own interest.

Now it’s on you how you get benefits from this article.

There is a lot of methods through which people are getting ideas and generating articles. What method you are using let us know in below the comment box. Your comment will be highly appreciated.

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