This is such a strange stone, it shows blood when it starts to break . View Photos

Guys, if you notice, when a stone is thrown on a wall, it breaks in two. There is nothing more, but you would be annoyed to know that a stone has been found in the Chilean and Peruvian seas that, in the fall, breaks in two, but with blood also drains from it. We have always been told that a stone is lifeless, but you will probably be annoyed to know about this wonderful stone.
Such stones are found on the coast of Chile and Peru and in the interior. Looking at these stones, we cannot infer that this is not a stone but a marine organism. This organism is known as Pyura Chilensis. Who also breathes and takes food. As well as being able to change one's gender, it also gives birth to a new life.

Large amounts of Clear Blood and Vanadium have been found in Pyura Chilensis. Vanadium is a rare and mysterious element. The Vanadium found in this organism is over one million more than the rest of the sea creatures.

However, the mechanism by which Vanadium collects such a large number and which organ contributes to it is not yet known.

Since Pyura Chilensis cannot go around looking for their partner, they are bisexual. When they are born, they are in the form of every male, and gradually the female organs begin to develop. For this reason they simultaneously release the necessary sperm (sperm) and eggs for reproduction, which together form new organisms. In fact, its germs are clinging to the rocks, which gradually become larger.

Let me tell you that people eat the flesh of this life with great pleasure because its meat is so delicious.
Its meat is available in the market at a very expensive price. The organism is hard as stone from above and very soft from the inside. A sharp paddle is needed to get the meat out of it.

People prefer to eat the flesh of this organism more raw. Nowadays there is a huge demand for the flesh of this organism. So people are searching for this life in the form of stone, going to the depths of the sea.

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